Prisoners of undeclared war


Ukrainian film director Oleg Sentsov, sentenced to twenty years in a maximum-security prison labor camp after having been convicted of organising terrorist acts, is on hunger strike since May 14th demanding the release of those he calls Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia. We have already published a list of those who Sentsov may consider part of this category. Here we present all that we know about 88 people, associated with Ukraine and persecuted by the Russian authorities. Among these people are those who are deprived of their liberty, i.e. imprisoned, as well as those sentenced to probation, and therefore, restricted in their movements.

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The following information is provided:

  • on group criminal cases;
  • on charges against these people;
  • on their sentences;
  • on their whereabouts;
  • on how many people have been tortured and are experiencing serious health problems.

Moreover, the people are grouped according to their occupation, age and the year their persecution began.

Concrete and detailed information about each person and how they are persecuted by the Russian authorities can be found by following hyperlinks to separate pages.

OVD-Info is not able to declare for certain that each person in each case is being persecuted for political reasons. However, the use of torture against many people on the list, dubious accusations, dissemination of official information concerning terrorist acts and sabotage by Ukrainian and Crimean residents, which often could not be confirmed, along with numerous instances of violations and falsifications in the criminal cases compel us to treat both the versions of events put forward by investigators and the court and their actions with great distrust and to include these people in the list of probable victims of political persecution.

By Snezhana Aleinikova, Nadezhda Afanasyeva, Daniel Beilinson, Dmitry Borko, Vsevolod Brodsky, Anastasia Vikulova, Polina Glukhova, Catherine Gershenzon, Catherine Goroshko, Evgenya Grigorieva, Grigory Durnovo, Leonid Zisser, Ivan Ivanov, Nelya Ivanova, Diana Karimova, Ekaterina Melnikova, Elena Mulyarova, Kirill Nikolaenko, Olga Nikolaenko, Dmitry Privoznov, Eugene Sechina, Xenia Sonnaya, Artem Telunts, Arman Tuganbaev, Tatiana Fyodorova, Nadezhda Hilgers, Nina Zuckerman and another volunteer, who wished to remain anonymous.

Translated by Christopher Moldes and a group of volunteers to whom we are very grateful.


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Сегодня наш штаб работает в усиленном режиме. Команда ОВД-Инфо и наши волонтеры отслеживают происходящее на акциях и помогают задержанным. Нам нужна ваша поддержка.